BC Studio


If anyone is in need of pictures taken, I strongly recommend
BC Studio
Yes, this is my brother Brad. He has an amazing talent, and won't charge you an arm and a leg...which is wonderful for this time and day.
He does everything: Family, Children, Wedding, etc.
If you are interested please tell me and I will get you his information!

Here are a few of his photos.

Also please refer him to anyone you know who is looking for a photographer! Send them the website! I have the link on the side of my blog.


  1. Meagan, i am Kristin Hadleys best friend Emily- i am not a stalker but i have been looking at your blog a long time cause wendy and kristin talk about it! your baby is so so cute! those are awesome pictures your brother does!! i love clear in IF or else i would hire him t otake pictures of my little one!! i want a photo shoot with my little one! my name is Emily and my blogspot is theempeys.blogspot.com- i have set my blog to private but if youwould like to look- and get ideas from eachother on being new mommies- email me your email emilyempey5@gmail.com

  2. I made an explanation for you (and anyone else) in my comments on that post.

  3. Sorry about the one that I deleted.
    I made a mistake.
    I'm excited for Brad's new business. Is this his only source of income or is it on the side until it gets going strong? It took me awhile to figure out where or why the "BC" came from. The light bulb just came on. I now know.
    Aunt Diane


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