I did it!!!


Today I made Abigail smile! Josh and I have gotten little smiles here and there, and of course the big smiles in her sleep; but today was the first time I could tell I did something that made her smile. I just mimicked some of the funny sounds she was making and viola! Pure happiness for me :) Boy does that melt your heart. She's definitely making a lot more noises now, like she's actually trying to make the noises. It's just so cute. I love her. She's 6 weeks today!


  1. I just have this ridiculous sore throat and cough! Kaylee, seems to be okay so far :)

    Yea for Abigail!! Knowing that she's reacting to you and not a dream or "gas", it's just so awesome!
    Maybe you can come by this week but not until I'm for sure out of the contagious woods.

  2. She is such a good looking child Meg... Marty and I have been talking about maybe come spring or summer driving up to see you guys...we miss you.

  3. That is great! A friend is having me read these comic strips called 'Baby Blues.' I think they are funny. Anyhow, I remember one where the baby smiles and the mom says something like, 'Oh the good stuff is starting!' Of course you've enjoyed Abigail before now, but in a way it is true, the good stuff is starting. Enjoy!

  4. I loved those first little smiles! So precious. I remember I was so happy when Emma began making any noise that wasn't crying!


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