Smiling Abigail...


She prefers sitting up like a big girl :)
Abigail smiles a lot for us now and we love it! Melts my heart every time.
It's nice knowing she notices when I've left her sight; makes a mom feel wanted I guess :)
These are things I am grateful for that help her calm down: the Hair Dryer, Running Water, Music, and when I sing a song while bouncing her on my legs. She likes her bouncy seat, swing, and little toy that makes noises and lights up. These things seem to calm her down immediately most of the time. She likes her car seat; she doesn't particularly like when we have to put her arms through the straps, but once she's in there she's happy and typically just falls right asleep. In fact if we didn't take her out of it she would just sleep in it for hours and forget she needs to eat!
She is still quite the mover; she doesn't really stop moving for the most part :). The other day she almost jumped right out of my arms. As well as while Josh was holding her in his arms and working on the laptop, she kicked so hard it almost knocked the lap top off his lap. She's a strong little girl!
She's been a great sleeper; she hasn't slept less then 5 hours which has been great for me. But the past week she's been sleeping 7 hours at night which has been awesome! I don't want to get my hopes up, but I sure hope she keeps it up!
She continues to make us laugh every day with her funny and adorable noises and her aggressive little body. I can't believe she is going to be 2 months old in a couple weeks!


  1. Look how big she is already! I can't believe how quickly they grow! Its hard to believe that Landon is going to look similar to her in just another month! Glad to hear she is a happy baby who lets you sleep!

  2. I can see that she has grown. I saw more you this time when looking at her. Isn't that funny? I'm glad you are figuring things out that make her happy, those make life so much easier. She sounds like the perfect baby for her mom.

  3. She's definitely getting bigger and looking more like her Momma. What a cutie! The house my friend bought is around Lakehazel and Five.

  4. She's way cute. I love the picture with her sitting up in the chair.

  5. Hey Meagan,
    Your blog is AWESOME. Maybe someday I'll start one. I would love to do a wedding slide show. I hope your move is going okay. At the risk of repeating again, I'm happy to help in any way you need. I'll even help clean your apt. if that's what you need. Good luck. Email me if you want to.
    See ya,
    ~Becca Benson


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