Thanksgiving Tag...


What I am thankful for...
*Josh. I feel blessed to have such a hard working husband who is willing to do anything for me.
I am thankful he is a worthy Priesthood holder. He makes me laugh every day, he's my best
*Abigail. We are so blessed to have her in our life, and I am so grateful to me her mommy. She
makes me smile the whole day, I love being with her every moment. I love that she lets me
sleep. I love her smiles, her noises, her aggressive personality, I love her!
*My family. I have the best family in the world! We're a big family and every time we get
together it's a time full of laughter and wonderful memories are made. We are all so close, and
I love that we can have such hilarious times, and then the most amazing spiritual conversations
as a family.
*My Mom. She is my best friend. I can truly tell her anything and she always listens to me. I
feel so lucky to have such a close relationship with my mom. I love how much we laugh together
and how caring she is. I strive to be like her.
*My Dad. We have the most caring father. He tries to help anyone in need and he sacrifices a lot for us and for so many out there. He is a wonderful example to all of us.
*My friends. I wish I could see my friends more; sadly most of you are away! But I love our
conversations over the phone, over the email, and hopefully soon I can visit you all with Abigail!
*Idaho. I love this area, I love the people, I love how it's not too big, and not too small. I love
that I can be in the country and back to the city within 10 minutes. I love that my family is
here. I love how beautiful it is up in the mountains and the wonderful outdoor fun we can have.
*Blogs. Thank heavens for these blogs to keep updated with family and friends. It's such a
great way to see my nephews and nieces grow!

*Cameras, Baby swings, Bouncy seats, Ipods, Tredmills, Skim Milk, Thin crust,
Dasani, 24, bon fires, White Crest strips, Lunch dates, Rice cookers, cracked pepper, lemon juice, salmon.

I tag: Mom, Allison, Lyndsay, Danielle


  1. I agree, our family does rock. :)

  2. K, just did my tag if you want to check it out. I enjoyed yours, thanks!

  3. What a fun tag. You are the sweetest mom. I love reading our blog and how happy you look.

  4. i just got back to our house and will work on this, stay tuned after these messages, we'll be right back


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