2 Months


It's true, she is 2 months!! It's hard for me to believe. Both my sister and I agree that our girls are still Newborns regardless what the rest of the world thinks. I think she'll be my newborn until she's 1. She still sleeps right next to us, and I'm not sure that will change until she's 1 either...I just don't think I could stand her being in the other room!
She's gained 4lbs since birth and 4 inches.
This was taken at exactly 10:57pm...2 Months on the dot!
Little Rock Star
This one deserves a frame
This my friend is the miracle of Photoshop. My brother did this the other day and it cracks us up. Baby Joker. Abigail has a couple pictures where she has a little joker smile.


  1. She is so beautiful, and getting so big :)

  2. She is getting really big, and getting cuter too. :)

    I'll admit though, Baby Joker kind of scares me. She is cuter in the rocker onesie. :)

  3. Very cute pic.s! That 2 months went SO fast and I still haven't met her! :(
    But sorry, that last one is just creepy!! I can only imagine, his terrible attitude in that movie, it so does not belong on a baby!

  4. She is good mix of you and Josh....miss you.

  5. I agree, she is a newborn. Avery went from being a toddler to a newborn all of the sudden. And she was in our room until she was 4, maybe even 5 months. :) Don't listen to anyone! I loved every minute of it. You'll know when it's time.

  6. She is so sweet...time does fly. She will probably be walking and talking when I see her. The joker picture is a little disconcerting. Macadi loves your polka dot background. :)

  7. She is so stinkin cute! I can't stand it, I just want to drive to Idaho and kiss on her cute face! What a doll.


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