Christmas Card...


I made this Christmas card to send out to people and well times just got crazy and busy so I am posting it instead.
Our greatest gift this year was our beautiful baby girl, Abigail Kaye. She is such a blessing and already has a fun personality; she is making us laugh everyday. Abigail was born just 5 and a half hours after her cousin Kaylee just down the hall from one another; twin cousins!
Josh and I feel blessed to be living here in Idaho with our wonderful family. We also feel very blessed that he is able to have a job that helps support us in this crazy time in our country.
Josh is also planning on going back to school this new year, we are very excited.
I am enjoying life as a stay at home mom, and absolutely love it! I feel so blessed to have the best job in the world.
We are starting the new year off with moving so that will be an adventure in itself.
It's been quite a year, it has gone by insanely fast. I can't believe our little Abigail is going to be 3 months just around the corner! She certainly is growing, smiling a lot and really loves to talk. We just love her more then ever.
We hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I'm pretty excited that we're going to have an actual White Christmas for the first time in a LONG time!! Woo Hoo!

Love...Josh, Meagan, Abigail Kaye
PS. Reminder that we are going private in a few days, so send the emails if you want to keep reading...


  1. add me to your private list, please. i believe you know my email (the hotmail one)...

  2. Nice family picture. Abigail sure is growing.
    It sounds like Josh is going to be busy-going to school and working.
    Where are you moving to?
    Aunt Diane

  3. Happy Holidays. Thanks for adding me to your blog. I love seeing the pictures and being able to keep in touch!

  4. yeah i can't imagine how much that would be. i passed it on own. that bill was just from the regular visits.


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