The dreaded Vaccinations...


Yesterday morning we headed to Abigail's appointed to get her first vaccinations done. I was very nervous for a couple reasons; the fear that something could go wrong and react in a negative way with her little body, as well as knowing she was going to be feeling pain.
Josh and I both have put a lot of prayer and thought into whether or not we wanted to go ahead and get her vaccinated; we hate drugs but know that in some situations they are a blessing and even though there is that fear that something could go wrong, we both know that there could be even worse affects from not getting them.
They gave her 3 shots and one oral. I was not in the room; I was emotional enough as it was, I knew if I was in the room I would be bawling. When they came out she cried for a bit which made me cry because it was a cry I had never heard from her; the sound that she has been hurt. Boy does that make you feel horrible.
Abigail is a champ though! She slept the whole day and then by the evening she was 'talking' and smiling like her normal self! I was so happy to see that sweet smile, what a relief! I know that sometimes babies can be fussy the whole day after the shots, so I am grateful she handled it so well.
As for her stats: Her doctor told us that when she was born, her height was in the 3 percentile! Little munchkin. She has gained 4lbs, and 4inches. She shot right up there! She is now in the 25 percentile for height and 57 percentile for her weight. Looks perfectly healthy and he said she is crazy strong...probably from the non stop kicking and swinging of the arms :)


  1. Good job Abigail for being so brave about the shots. :) Meagan, I think you are not alone, I teared up a bit when Rees had his first shots, it gets easier.

  2. It's always hard when they have to have shots. Can you give Danielle my email address, I don't have hers to send it to her.

  3. Its true that it does get easier with the shots. I cried the first time with Chase but after that it wasn't as bad, it could also have been b/c he handled them like champ - that helps too. I understand your fears about vaccinations but do agree they are the best thing for your child.

  4. I hear ya on the crying from giving them shots... they had to do the blood test in the heal thing when kali was a week old and i had gavin take her into the other room and i could hear her shreaking and crying from the room i was in with the door closed!! It was awful. Kali always got super high fevers after her shots so it was bad. Now she has no reaction and gets a lollypop right after and that makes the crying stop pretty fast haha..

  5. That is seriously so hard! I am so glad she did well with it all.
    I LOVE the christmas pics by the way!

  6. I'm sorry that getting shots was so traumatizing for you! I know that there is alot of scary info out there about vaccines, but I agree, I would rather have a child with autism than watch my child die from some horrible disease! Vaccines are a blessing and I won't be convinced otherwise!


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