Life as a mom so far...


I have loved every moment aside from Abigail getting a cold and then a fever last night. However I can't really complain considering she never fussed about the cold, and her fever is already gone; she's wonderful.
Things I love about Abigail...
*She lets me sleep at night. She sleeps at least 5 hours, but lately has been pulling 7-8 hours!
*When she wakes up in the morning or from a good nap I get big smiles from her.
*She's a scheduled baby bless her soul.
*I love that she likes to have me next to her. Sometimes when she's playing and I walk away to get something she starts to fuss a bit. This makes me feel wonderful that she wants me there. Thankfully she does allow me to get things done as well.
*She loves to snuggle at night. If she's fussy a bit at night, the moment Josh or I lie her next to us she calms right down. We love having her sleep with us.
*I love that she is always moving! She kicks those legs and swings those arms as much as she possibly can. I think she's burning off all the calories she takes in ;) I will definitely have to keep my eye on her once she starts crawling. We'll be investing in a lot of gates ;)
*She loves her car seat. I think because it snuggles her up. She would sleep in that thing for hours if I'd let her.
*She loves when we're driving. The moment we come to a stop light she seems to notice because she might fuss a bit, then calms down immediately when we push on that gas.
*My child loves getting her diaper changed. She's always smiling. This is a blessing because I know there are babies who hate this part of their day.
*She has many toys that keep her happy, and she seems to be excited about those that she can hit with her hands and kick with her legs to make noise; she "talks" a lot when playing.
*My noises make her smile...which makes me smile.
* I love taking showers with her; she loves baths and showers.
* I love her insanely long eyelashes and wish I had them myself.
* I love her pouty faces.
* I love her cute chipmunk cheeks.
* I love that she looks so much like me and so much like Josh at the same time.
I really feel like Abigail is a good baby. First of all she keeps me moving which is wonderful exercise; I can only imagine how much I'll be moving in 4 months. I love her personality and her aggressivness. She knows what she wants and what she wants is to be running right now; she'll have to be patient ;) She makes Josh and I laugh constantly with her funny and adorable noises. She sounds like she growls when she gets those hands in her mouth; they apparently taste delicious. We're thinking she might play soccer considering she has a toy that if she kicks it, it makes noise...problem is she kicks it so hard it pushes it away. Thankfully we can just put it against the couch. She nearly kicked the laptop off of Josh's lap the other day. And if you're not careful you can get kicked or hit pretty good when she gets excited :) I love everything about this sweet adorable baby. I could stare at her all day and still I think "I can't believe you're mine" We are so lucky to have her, and we love her so much.
I'm feeling pretty good as a mom; I can distinguish her different cries; thank heavens too because I knew I couldn't depend on my mom to tell me everytime :) My mom is like the Baby Whisperer. I just wish she would stop growing for a bit! Each day I thank Heavenly Father for such a beautiful, happy, amazing little baby and I am so grateful to have her apart of our family. We are so lucky.


  1. I love the pic of Josh & her asleep! Classic! And I also love your Red Sox sweatshirt and I want one.

  2. Cute cute pictures Meagan, man I can't believe how big she is getting.

    I'm glad you enjoy motherhood, that makes it a lot easier. :)

  3. I hope you will send these photos to Dad. She's precious!

  4. All those pic.s are adorable! But where on earth did u find such a tiny mit? And I love the sleeping one, those are always cute!

  5. P.S. Now Josh needs to do "Life as a Dad"!


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