Collage Video...


Turn off the music before playing...

Abigail loves to be held up high in the air, and she loves to be sung to. She also really loves to stare at the fireplace; she seems mesmerized by the fire.


  1. She makes me laugh ! I don't think I could get a video of Kaylee like that because she'd just stare at the camera wondering what the heck I was doing.

    HapPy 3 mOntHs AbIGaiL !!

  2. Man look at her move! I love how you can see how hard she is working at rolling over and then how happy she is when you congratulate her. :)

  3. This was a neat technology has changed since I had my first baby...I am so glad you document all this. I loved how she was snoring when she was sucking that was so adorable. She is full of lots of energy what a cutie.

  4. That was so fun to watch Meagan. Thanks for sharing. She is so cute and entertaining.
    I noticed how happy she was when you were so proud of her for rolling over too. It was adorable! Very cute.

  5. I love the house sitter dialouge in the background when she rolls over, it really sets the mood.


  6. I enjoyed the video! Abigail is such a beautiful baby girl!

  7. That is soooo adorable! She seriously is so cute! I love the kicking toy! my daughter would go so crazy!!! How do you do that video collage? what program is it?

  8. She is so energetic and what a kicker!! It was sure cute when she was sucking in her sleep they do the most adorable things don't they. Yeah for rolling over too!!

  9. Oh my heck these videos are so awesome!!! I love how you put them all together! Holy cow she is SUCH a kicker! It's so funny to see her move SOO much. I love her big ol' smile after she rolls over and you are cheering for her.... SOOOOOO cute! And I think I can hear her snoring in the 'eating' one!!! She's SUCH a doll!

    I also think her leg warmers are SO fun and I love the picture of her sitting on that horse... she looks like a natural!


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