Sweet sweet Abigail...


She has rolled over from her tummy to back a couple of times and has almost gone from her back to her tummy...she'll get there:) She holds her head up so well!

She loves to be held up in the air!

She loves the boppy. She always sleeps so well in this thing versus the floor. Our Temperpedic baby:)
I just love these smiles!

At Abigail's last appointment we found out she had grown 4 inches...2 weeks later we measured her again and she had grown another inch! The doctor said she is growing very fast and trying to catch up since she was so short when she was born; but I need my little girl to just slow down for a bit!! :)


  1. Abigail is changing and growing! I remember when we use to put Colby in the boppy. He loved it too! It's so nice to see pictures of Abigail and how she changes since I don't get to see you much. We need to plan a lunch or something.

  2. She is too precious in her boppy. And baby smiles are the best!

  3. In pic. 1 she looks so determined! I love her big smiles!!

  4. Good job Abigail! Keep up the good work.

    I think that is cute she sleeps in that pillow.

  5. thanks for the boppy and vaseline advice! I added a boppy to our gift registry. I think they are kind of goofy looking, but everyone that uses one says they love them.

    Hope your move went well, and happy new year!


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