Thank you US Bank!


Big news...In just a couple of weeks, Josh will be a Personal Banker for US Bank. We are so overjoyed and filled with gratitude to Heavenly Father. I think both of us were a bit emotional when we got the great news; this is a huge blessing!
We were not expecting this. Monday afternoon Josh got a call from the bank asking if they could interview him for the position; they told him that out of 150 interviews they moved him to their top 10 just based off of his resume; this gave us hope obviously. They wanted to interview him Tuesday and thought it would last 45 minutes, it ended up being 2 hours long; another good sign. Thursday after work Josh got a call offering him the job! I can't believe how quick it went, but we are so grateful.
Josh will basically be doing the same job that he did at WaMu except a bit more, which makes him happy. He is so excited to get back in to things and start working with people face to face; he has really missed that. He'll get to go out and find businesses to open accounts which he loves. This makes me so happy and excited because I know how much he loves it and how much happier he will be. (How many times have I said 'happy'?)
There is a lot going on in our minds right now; too much to write. We feel so blessed; especially at this time in our economy. It is so hard for people to get jobs, and we both feel very lucky.
I did want to mention this: All you men out there who went on missions where you had to learn another language...don't lose it! Josh knowing spanish has been a huge blessing for us; he has gotten jobs simply based on that. You have such an advantage; it's not just for your mission!
Ps. A collage video of Abigail 'talking' coming soon!


  1. Like I said on FB, congratulations! I will have to work on not being jealous, though. But seriously I am happy for you two. What an immense blessing.

  2. Oh congrats! (maybe brad can have josh's old job ;)

    That is a big blessing. Pay it forward. :)

  3. I actually had that same thought, Allison, but Brad had applied for a job there before and never heard back, so I doubt it.

    When does Josh start? I bet he is just so thrilled to be doing what he enjoys. That is so important, it makes everything better.

  4. Congratulations! I am so happy for you guys and that Josh can get back into a job that he loves!

  5. What wonderful news. Prayers are being answered.

  6. I'm pleased to hear of this great news. Good Luck Josh.
    Aund Diane

  7. That's exciting news.

  8. Oh, so happy for you guys! You are blessed & I am glad you have expressed that openly, it helps me remember my blessings! It is a rough economy out there. Sigh. And I areee on the Spanish thing. Jason knows Spanish & it has helped alot with his job. I am actually going to try to learn it through Rosetta Stone. So excited! Congrats again & again!


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