Growing up...


Abigail at just 1 Week

Each week, each month, and I know each year I'll be saying this...I can't believe how much she has grown! I am not the type who wishes for my child to crawl, walk, talk, etc...I know I will enjoy these moments when they come, I will cheer her on as she grows and learns and it will make us both smile brightly; but I do not wish them to come quickly because I know before I know it she will be getting married and having her own children. I need time to slow down a bit.
What Abigail is doing now at 4 months old:

She sticks EVERYTHING in her mouth...if she can grab it, she can chew on it.
She makes many adorable funny noises; including one that sounds like she is imitating her frog...seriously, she sounds like she ribbits.
She loves to have the blanket thrown on top of her and kick it off.
She seems to enjoy when we read books; she calms right down.
She still loves showers; we take them nightly.
She loves the outside; every time we step outside she gets very excited.
We've introduced her to the cats and some birds; she watches them intently and seems very curious.
We've also introduced her to the piano. She seems to enjoy this as well.
And the big one...She sleeps in her crib. Yes it's true; this was hard for me and I miss having her sleep right next to me but she deserves more room. So I compromised with her...she gets the crib, as long as the crib is in our room :)

And here she is at 4 Months.


  1. Wow it is amazing how much they grow, she is so tiny in the first picture. She sounds like she is in a fun stage right; I'm glad you are enjoying it.

    About the accidents with the toddler stage, no worries, it isn't too bad. The first few times I saw blood, I was pretty anxious but I don't feel panicky anymore when it happens. Kids are so resilient, it is amazing.

  2. Maybe you should add more stuff to your plate and take pictures of us too. she's so cute in real life but this photo really brings out her adorableness!

  3. Thanks for sharing Abiagail's life with all of us.
    Aunt Diane


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