'I' Tag...


Sure...why not...

I search: for new things to learn.
I wonder: where we will all be in the next 2 years.
I regret: not taking a Digital or Photography class in college.
I love: Disney movies.
I care: about my family.
I always: love a good run.
I worry: about the morality of this world; or lack there of.
I am not: a fan of scary movies, at all.
I remember: when over-alls were cool.
I believe: church is where you go to learn, not where you go to be social.
I sing: to Abigail; she smiles and makes me feel amazing.
I dance: to all kinds of music, and love to dance for Abigail.
I don’t always: shave the top half of my legs.
I argue: less.
I write: in my journal every day.
I win: tennis matches.
I lose: every Bananagrams game to Josh.
I wish: I could go to Hawaii any time. I know I was meant to live there.
I listen: to music all day long.
I don't understand: those who try to be mean/rude.
I can usually be found: in the family room playing with Abigail.
I am scared: of bad things happening to my family.
I need: money. (don't we all)
I forget: to call people back. I really don't like the phone.
I am happy: to be a stay at home mom.

I tag: You.


  1. I totally agree with the scary movies and hating the phone thing, I think it's the same for emailing people back too, it's like you want to be social but you'd just rather do it in person!!

  2. It's so fun reading these tags. I don't take the time to respond back to most of them. However, I do appreciate reading all of yours.
    Aunt Diane


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