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Last week I knelt down by the dryer for Abigail to watch the clothes spinning around and we got our first clear giggle! It was absolutely adorable. She has made lots of noises sounding like she's trying to giggle, still learning how to do it! I was happy that both Josh and I were in the laundry room to hear it for the first time together. Great times. Abigail also likes to look at and touch books; each night we give her a shower and then read a book and it so far seems to calm her down. She talks at the books and loves to just feel them. We then listen to a great soothing cd my mom gave us for her and she eats her hands to sleep :) She is still sleeping great which is an amazing blessing I am thankful for each and every day. And now, some photos...
We put a bow on Abigail for the first time, I'll admit I think she is cute, but it is still a bit large in my opinion. Thank heavens for those leggings!
Kevin 'walked' Abigail to sleep...
Yep, I love those chubby cheeks
Abigail loves to eat her hands
We love her pose here, with her hand up by her cheek
Abigail is also very expressive with her face, I wish you could all see her many different looks using her eyebrows (raising one and not the other), etc.
Ah yes, the future Red Sox fan
I just liked how her finger was resting on top of the pacifier
This is Abigail recording in the studio...she's a star!
This is Abigail's last night with her Nanna...look how happy she is to be with her :)


  1. She is so cute! She looks like such a happy fun baby! I love the one with her finger on the pacifier~ Very cute!

  2. She is getting SO big and looking more like you everyday!

  3. She did look very happy to be with her Nana. I love the pics with her asleep on Kevin, that is pretty cute, and the studio one too....what am I saying, they are all cute.

  4. OMG she is absolutely adorable! I love all those photos!

  5. She is sooo cute!! I wish I could see her and kiss those cute cheeks!

  6. The finger on top of the binkie is priceless!!

  7. Can you imagine her being a social butterfly because she likes to make noises and is so happy all the time? The picture of Kevin with Abigail makes Kevin look extremely tall. Thanks for sharing all these pictures. :0)

  8. What a cute baby!! Shes' just so pretty! I love the leg warmers too!


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