Slow down little one...


My child is 4 months old...on the 8th she started to work on rolling from back to tummy; she's been doing the tummy to back for a while now...on the evening of the 9th she accomplished her goal and now she won't even stay on her back for a second...she's a pro; she does it as though she's been doing it forever. All wonderful, exciting...but I need my baby to slow down because as of 2 nights ago she started getting up on her knees and she seems to be trying to crawl....excuse me? Slow down little one, slow down! I don't know when babies start to crawl, but I do know I would appreciate her waiting for quite a few more months...I am not ready to buy gates and run around the house trying to find her, worrying she might fall down the stairs or run in to the cat and get attacked because she freaks it out. For those of you who haven't been around Abigail, you might not know that since she came home from the hospital she has acted like she's ready to run; of course her mommy is okay with this because I did too as a child, and I can't wait to run around with her...but I need her to stay small and not grow too quickly. I mean...4 months sweet heart! There is no reason to be training for a marathon just yet!
Curious...when did your babies start to crawl?


  1. Meagan, I think it is funny how much you want to keep Abigail small. :) Glad you are trying to savor it.

    Rees started to crawl around 7 months I think.

    And a little note, she probably won't slow, especially since she is your daughter. ;)

  2. I would have to double check baby books but I am pretty sure that M, J, and K were 6-7 months range and C was 9 months only because we had hardwood floors with her and they were not comfortable to crawl on.

  3. I agree with your mom, Abigail. Slow down! I don't want you to be half grown before Grandpa and I get to see you next. We love our sweet little Abigail.

  4. It's so fun to hear about these little ones growing.
    Aunt Diane


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