Abigail's Stats, and the Monkey...


Well Abigail had her second set of vaccinations yesterday morning. Josh said she did great (I of course left the room). She definitely was not happy about them, and once again the nurses all commented on how crazy strong Abigail is...it takes and army to hold our girl down :) She pretty much fell asleep as soon as we got her in the car and about an hour or so later she woke up, and we had our smiling baby back! In fact...Josh and I went to BabiesRUs to look at baby monitors and I took Abigail over by the stuffed animals. There was this big monkey that I was showing her and as I waved the monkeys hand she smiled and talked. Then I made the monkey hop from the shelf down to her and out of no where bursted out this adorable laugh from Abigail! It was awesome. We have heard her giggle, but this was straight up cracking up in the store! Josh came over and instantly said "I'm buying her that monkey"; of course we had to because she has never acted this way towards any of her other toys and well, we're new parents who were overjoyed by our babies laugh. Everyone around us was smiling and laughing at that sweet, adorable, precious noise. It was so wonderful. And of course the one time I don't have my camera...grrr!
We are trying to capture it again, but Abigail is very aware of what's around her, and if that camera is on...she knows, we can't keep her eyes off of it. So we'll see what we get. I got just a little bit in the car.
Now to her stats.
At 5 Months old:
Length - 25 1/2 inches - 67 percentile
Weight - 14lbs. 14oz. - 46 to 50 percentile
Head - 16.5 - 56 percentile
Her weight surprised me because I thought she would weigh more since that means she hasn't gained a lot for the past month; but she's perfectly healthy so it's fine by me. Everything looked great; she loves to eat anything that is placed in her hands and she seems to be doing a lot of things that they say a baby does at 6 months, so she is trying to grow way too quickly for me! He told me babies can start crawling by 6 months, so I know I need to get prepared; especially since she already scoots backwards. We still haven't given her any food yet; I believe I'll give in and start it next month. The doctor could even tell that Abigail's mom doesn't want her to grow up ;)
Hopefully I'll have a video soon of the adorable laugh :)
Oh and random fact: 3 years ago tomorrow Josh and I 'Officially' got engaged; though we had been planning the wedding for about 3 months already;) Good times!


  1. I think the most wonderful sound in the world is babies and little, bitty kids laughing :)

  2. Glad to hear she is healthy. I would want to buy the monkey too, anything for a good laugh, they are so precious.


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