Traveling to the Lodge...(beware, post is long, pictures at end)


We left Friday evening for Wyoming and although it was a long drive, it was fun at the same time. Abigail did such a great job. We left at 8pm and Josh was a hero and drove the whole way through; it's a 14 hour drive. (He's done that Massachusetts to Utah trip non stop a few times...crazy man) We just had to stop once at 10:30pm to feed Abigail and then she slept until 5am because we were too loud, but she fell back asleep until about 9am. We knew leaving at night would be the best way to do it if we wanted to get their as quick as possible, since she would sleep the whole way.
Josh saw a moose on the way up; Kevin and I must have been sleeping. For the most part we tried to stay awake for him, but we took a couple of naps. I woke up once while we were driving through West Yellowstone, and boy are those huge trees a bit intimidating when you're driving through them at night; all we could imagine was some animal popping out at us.
When Abigail woke up in Bozeman I put my finger in her mouth for her to suck on while I found her pacifier...little did I know what I would feel...TEETH! They came out of no where! The day before I could feel nor see anything, and all of the sudden there were these 2 teeth (bottom) emerging. I indeed started bawling because this means my baby is growing more. I have come to terms with it now, but I was very emotional there for a while. Abigail on the other hand has handled it great. She's had a little runny nose, and a couple times has acted like she's in a little bit of pain, but for the most part she has just acted like her regular happy self. Go Abigail! I'm thankful I don't remember what teething feels like.
Back to the trip...We arrived to the Lodge early; Woo hoo! Obviously we were very excited to see mom and dad. We were able to have lunch together before my dad took Josh and Kevin out snowmobiling; this gave my mom and I some much needed girl time with Abigail :) When the boys got back my dad took me out and I had a blast. We got stuck twice and I got thrown off once; which was probably the most fun part!
As soon as we got back we all had dinner together and even enjoyed some yummy cheesecake afterwards. Josh got to have fun being our waiter...for those of you who don't know, Josh has a dream to be a waiter. Not as a career of course; unless he replaced Phillipe on Hell's Kitchen maybe ;) but he thinks it would be fun. He'd probably do a great job with his personality. He waited on our table plus ate with us of course.
As soon as we got back to my parents place we all fell asleep pretty quickly.
Sunday we went to their Branch; Josh and I have never seen a building this tiny. It was the size of a seminary building and our Relief Society was held in the Branch Pres. office. I wish I had a picture. After church since it was their Branch Conference they had what's called a 'Linger Longer'. I had never heard of this and was surprised that Josh had. It's when you all get together after your conference and everyone brings food. IT'S AWESOME! I will be submitting this idea for our ward to do after EVERY Sunday ;)
After the Linger Longer Nanna and Grandpa had some much needed play time with Abigail. Abigail enjoyed trying to pull off Nanna's nose, and also enjoyed trying to eat Grandpa's shoe.
I was sad we had to leave that night; it's hard to say goodbye :-( But I am so grateful we were able to spend at least a little bit of time with my parents, and I am really happy they got to see Abigail after TWO MONTHS!
Josh and I decided to not go the whole way through on our way home since he didn't have work on Monday. We drove to Bozeman and stayed in a hotel. Abigail slept great, bless her heart; we were exhausted! We woke up to snow; blessing for mom and dad since they need it for the Lodge, but I wasn't excited to see it. However the roads weren't too bad and we made it home safely. We stopped off a few more times to give Abigail a break from the car seat, but she really did a wonderful job; gives me hope for future trips. She gave us the best gift of all at the end of the trip, which was that she laughed and let me get it on video (see post below). She's awesome!
It was a quick trip, but well worth it. Here is a sad fact however: It takes 14 hours to get to the Lodge...It would take us less then 10 hours to fly to Hawaii. It would only take us like 10 to drive to Disney World, and it would take less then 10 to drive to the Oregon Coast. Of course that is because the roads are closed through Yellowstone, so you have to go the long way to get to the Lodge.
Sorry this is long...and now for some pictures!

Abigail and one of her best friends, the Monkey
Play time with Grandpa and Nanna
Abigail enjoying sitting up
Watch out! She can hurt you!
I love her face here


  1. Being in a branch puts a different perspective on things. Our branch has a potluck every third month. It is so nice considering after church we are all hungry and we have a 40 minute drive home. :)

  2. I didn't realize how nice Mom and Dad's house was! Looks like you had a great trip. I know that single wards do linger longer's lots. I've heard of them, but never been to one.

  3. We do "Linger Longer"s here every once in awhile, and they are good. Also did them in Utah in the singles wards like Lyndsay mentioned.

    Congrats on the 2 teeth! Don't worry that she is growing up fast, this stage is wonderful, but so are the next ones. :)

    Glad you were able to give the parents some family time.

  4. I have to say, I'm impressed with Josh's driving!
    I can't believe Abigail has TEETH already; not even 6 months. I think your daughter grows faster than most babes!

  5. that's nice you were able to visit your mom and day. glad you had a good trip.

  6. That picture where her eye is all scrunched up totally looks like Kristin! Such a cutie! I love the video of her laughing too.

  7. I've never heard of the "linger longers" in our church. Rick's dad (Baptist) has a potluck once a month after church. It does sound like a fun idea for people that are a long ways away from civilization. (Did I spell that right?)
    Hooray for Abigail getting teeth! It's exciting to see her grow.
    I'm glad you had some time with your folks.
    Aunt Diane

  8. Wow, that is a lot of driving! Great job for doing it! Sounds like such a great trip!


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