24th Birthday Goodness...


Last week was my 24th birthday. I really enjoy my birthday actually; there is some excitement about it that I think I will always feel. A great birthday gift is having this adorable little girl in my life! Look at her with her glove on; she's so cute. She really loves to chew on that glove.

We went to the zoo! I am pretty much like it kid when it comes to seeing animals. No, not like the kids who think it's cool to pound on the glass...I with their parents would discipline them. I'm just really excited about seeing them; especially those gorgeous tigers of which I just want to hug, and the awesome monkeys. Here is Abigail with her baby giraffe friend; she liked its' ear.

My mom and sister took me to lunch. The weather was so great, we sat outside which always reminds me of France for some reason...good memories. We ate at Flatbread Pizzeria...delicious. Note: You can order yummy fresh chocolate chip cookies with ice cold milk in frosted cups...sooooo good. Abigail enjoyed eating my keys.

Since the weather was so awesome, Danielle and I dipped our feet in the pool...refreshing. Ps. The pool is ready to go so come on over!

Look at this sweet card Abigail gave me. I know, you're thinking how does a baby pick out a card and write a message..etc...well I'll tell you how...She's a genius! :) I love her expression here.
Family pic. Josh made me a cake from scratch which I was really impressed with. He made German Chocolate Cake. Now of course Josh and I both aren't big cake, pie, ice cream (pretty much Sugar) people at all...but it's a birthday...you have to have a cake and blow out candles!
It was a really nice RELAXING day and I was really grateful for the awesome weather that I'm pretty sure was designed just for me; right? I do like saying I'm 24 rather then 23; I don't know why I just never really liked the number 23...except for when I loved Michael Jordan...good times.
Thank you all for a great day! It's just so nice to have such wonderful family. And I am extremely grateful to have both Josh and Abigail in my life.


  1. you all are such a stinkin' cute little family! And happy late birthday:)

  2. I too wanted to say that your family looks beautiful Meagan. Life sounds full, always good. :)

    Glad you had a good birthday.

    And I remember when you used to love 23. :) That was when you wouldn't do your hair, except in braids. :)

  3. Haa. I think it's funny that you don't like 23. When I was 22 about to turn 23, I just didn't even want a birthday, cuz I don't like prime numbers. I'm glad I'm not the only person who never liked their age when they were 23!

  4. Your little girl is just adorable! Glad you had a good day, Happy Birthday!

  5. I'm loving the new look of the blog! So springy and summery... just FRESH. Yum. :) The past few posts are adorable... I love the bright words and great pics. Hopefully some of your Boise weather will come down here soon! Loves.

    P.S. I love the crawl that is more of a back and forth sway. Ha. What a cutie.

  6. Wow, that sounds like an awesome birthday to me! Happy Birthday! Abigail is getting so big and cute. I love when they grow up a little and start playing, she looks so fun!


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