Abigail at the beach...


Monday we went up to Banks and took Abigail to a little beach. She loved playing in the sand, and was definitely curious about the rushing water! I was surprised that she didn't just pick it up and put it right in her mouth. After we picked her up to get ready to go she did stick her hand in her mouth and definitely had a questioning look as to what was in her mouth.
It's so nice for the warmer weather to be back so we can take her outside more. Abigail gets so excited once we step outside; she even seems to really enjoy the wind. I can't wait to get her in to the pool for the first time. And now, here are a few shots we took of our fun in the sun.

And here are a few of her playing in the yard

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  1. I love that last picture of you and her together, so cute. :)

    I wish we had warm enough weather to go to the beach. Jaime and Emma are playing in a pool now. We are a little behind here in MN.


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