We have a CRAWLER...


Well it has happened...Abigail started to crawl tonight! It was so fun to watch her; she didn't got a long ways, but it's her first time after all. I know it's a matter of time before she's all over the place. She's been crawling backwards for a while now, but it frustrated her...going forwards is a whole new world of excitement for the little one! So...let the baby gates & baby proofing begin! There are a lot of things we need to move to higher levels! Great job Abigail!
Also...Abigail mimics. If you slap your hand on the ground she will do the same; something so simple and yet I have so much fun doing it with her. Also she practically RUNS around her toy that we can sit her in...it's hilarious. 'Baby' run that is. She goes round and round. I'm hoping to get all of these things on video...stay tuned for a dancing video soon...she dances to music, it's great!


  1. I'm a witness to the hilarious running she does! kaylee, cheers her on with her claps but isn't ready for that much running just yet. way to go Abiagail!!

  2. Oh my! Good job Abigail!

  3. Yeah Abigail! I think you are going to be a very happy baby with this new freedom.

    I love when they start crawling. For Rees & I, this was a great milestone. He was happier, and I started to get more done. I love that stage. Have fun!

  4. p.s. i'm looking forward to videos!

  5. I can't wait to see when Abigail starts walking, will she walk around in circles with all the training she's getting from her toy?! Brynn seems to walk sideways better than she walks forward!! I think it's from all the walking she did along the table!


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