Over the hill...


Over the '1/2 year' hill that is. I can't believe Abigail is now closer to a YEAR old then a NEWBORN...depressing. And yet of course I love every new adventure and watching her learn. The biggest thing this month...crawling. I knew it was coming...she's been crawling backwards for a while now, so I was prepared. And now she is quite the explorer. Abigail is a very, VERY, curious baby. As a 7 Month old my baby...

  • Crawls to me when I call her name. And reaches for me which, come on, makes me feel like a million bucks.
  • She loves the band. We went to Kevin's concert and she was their biggest supporter. So much so we had to stand in the back so she wasn't a distraction.
  • She imitates me when I sing and make noises.
  • She loves the song 'Do, Re, Me, Fa, So, La, Ti, Do'...from Sound of Music. It makes her happy EVERY time.
  • She loves to be clapped at. She smiles and bursts into excitement.
  • She can pull herself up in the crib...Time to Lower the crib :)
  • She laughs when being tickled...so we love to tickle her.
  • She loves the bath and the shower. I think she might just start swimming from her non stop kicking ;)
  • She tried food for the first time last week; apples and pears. See Video below.
  • Also Abigail and Dottie (the cat) are obsessed with one another. Yes, Dottie is obsessed with her as well. Abigail is not very happy when Dottie walks away or is taken away, but boy is she very excited, nay, Enamored, when she comes into sight. She did crawl to Dottie the other day and we almost had an incident...thankfully Dottie was a good cat and didn't attack, but I think she was close. As for Dottie...anytime Abigail cries, who comes running in...Dottie. She will start meowing as though she's saying "hello...help her". Also she got upset with the other cat, Hiccups, when she hissed at Abigail. Dottie ran up and let her know what was up. The annoying part is Dottie will sometimes intrude when I am feeding Abigail (yes, she is nursing)...PRIVACY Dottie...for the love, she's My baby, not yours.
  • Abigail's nicknames: El Tigre (she sounds like a baby tiger)
    Lazy Cheeks (it's like she lets them drop and hang...very cute)
    Blue eyes ... we love her sapphire slate blue eyes.

    And now, a Video...


  1. I enjoyed reading all the new developments, but I loved the video. Oh man, her dancing made me laugh. And I haven't seen that toy before, the one she is walking in, I bet Rees would have loved it. She is getting cuter all the time and sounds like a very fun baby.

  2. That dancing is hilarious! I love it!! You'd better keep a close eye on her on Dottie, I bet all that fur is just so tempting to pull...!

  3. Rees loved watching Abigail and after Dottie meowed he said "Baby, owee." And now he is asking to watch it again.

  4. Way cute! Jack liked the video, he kept saying, "baby!" She sure has grown up, it doesn't seem possible she's old enough to be crawling and getting around...how time flies!

  5. I laugh so hard watching this that it brings tears to my eyes.


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