A Race, Day of Mom's, and 1st Swim...


A couple weeks ago my mom, Danielle, and I, and of course the girls, did the Race for the Cure! It was a lot of fun; though a bit hectic. I got ran over by a Hover-round...blasted lady. But other then that it went well. There were a TON of people there. The girls did great! Abigail started the race off asleep, but came to about half way into it. Next year we plan on running it since the girls will be older and their Daddy's can watch them.
Danielle got a shot of Abigail's teeth! (click to enlarge)

Gosh I love those cheeks...

Mother's Day was wonderful. My mom was able to come home so we could celebrate it with her! Josh got Abigail ready for church for me...which ladies, is really helpful! After church we all went on a picnic to Julia Davis. Food was yummy, weather was awesome, and it was just really nice to all spend time relaxing together.

Abigail went swimming for the first time a couple weeks ago, and loved it! She really enjoys kicking and smacking that water. She also enjoyed the little boat and kicked herself around. We're happy to have a water baby.


  1. Sooo glad you posted this! Kaylee has a 80's aerobics look in the race pic. Good times

  2. I love Abigail's hat in the pool, she looks so cute.

    I think Race for a Cure is pretty popular - I know many people that did it and everyone says it is really crowded. Which I think is great.

    Oh and I love Abi's 2 teeth, very cute.

  3. I LOVE the little boat it is so cute. Are you guys going to do any of the other races this summer and fall?

  4. Okay so the pic of her in the water is SO GREAT!!! All your pics are, but that is my new fave of her. :) P.S. congrats on the Anni... your pics are so classy. Know how you look at some people's pics and you can tell they were taken years ago? Not yours... they could have been taken today. And I agree... taking pics was definitely a good thing about the day. :)

  5. You got some great shots of our baby girls.

  6. I love that green shirt Danielle has one. Soo stinkin cute and looks great on her. Love all the pool pics and the cute little pink bows in the girls hair for the race.


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