Rain Rain, GO AWAY, come back NO other day...


Say NO to Rain...

Oh Al Gore...how you have disappointed me continually...No, I am not referring to politics (I won't go there) I am referring to you getting our hopes up for this so called Global Warming...I welcome it with open arms. Because me and the sun are like PB&J (Pam Beasley & Jim). Where is it?!?! You've been saying it's coming...and yet records show that each winter has been getting colder for the past 10 YEARS. Maybe this whole time you have been meaning to say Global COOLING...in that case...Let's all go GREEN or PINK or RED...whatever color we need to go to bring on the Sun and Warm Weather.

This is what I need...

And this is where I belong...
Josh and I have discussed possibly applying to schools in Hawaii; we shall see.


  1. That place looks like heaven.

  2. Applying for school in Hawaii?! I'm thinking good idea, but... TOO FAR! Hawaii is great for vacationing, but we are all much too poor to visit much! Even though it would be a great excuse. haha I'm looking forward to summer too.

  3. You'll hate me, but I have always loved the rainy, stormy days, ever since I can remember. Give me a stormy day, a good book, cup of hot cocoa and I am happy.

    I am looking forward to swimming soon, too, though, so soon I'll be wishing for more sunny days, just as soon as we get our pool ready! Then I'll rant and rave with you!!


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