Dad's Day!!!


Happy Father's Day! 2 Shout outs.
First to my baby's daddy! Josh you are an amazing father and Abigail and I are both so blessed to have you in our lives. Thank you for being so amazing and being able to rock Abigail to sleep continually. Thank you for not being afraid or unwilling to change a diaper. Thank you for buying her cute clothes; it pays to have a man with fashion sense! I love you honey and hope you have a FABULOUS Father's Day! You deserve it!!
And here are 2 pictures I absolutely love of you and your baby girl!

The day she arrived!

True Love

And now to my dad! Dad you are a great Father and have been a life saver to us all. Countless times you have come to the rescue for your family. I only hope we can all be as much help to you as you have been to help. You deserve it. Thank you for always being there...from my tennis/baseball/volleyball driving to Filer to rescue Josh and I on our way home to Idaho and the lights went out. Good times. I hope you know how much we all love you and appreciate you more then we can express. I hope you have a wonderful Father's day; I wish we could celebrate it with you.

Happy to be with Grandpa!

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