I am looking into getting a jogging stroller. I found a used Jeep stroller on craigslist that I am really interested in. I love the stroller we have right now; but I don't want to run with it because I don't want a bunch of wear and tear; where as the jogging stroller would be specifically for running obviously. Anyways, my question is...
Do any of you Mom's have a jogging stroller and have you found that it is totally worth it or not?
I know Abigial would love to go running with me.


  1. Mitch and I found one in pretty good shape at a yard sale for about 25 bucks and it has been great. It's a little awkward to turn corners at first because the front wheel doesn't swivel on those things, but it's been great to have other than that. I would make sure the break on it works too before you purchase, and some come with a wrist band that you attach to yourself if the stroller gets carried away always a good safety feature. Good luck on the hunt!

  2. We have a jogging stroller (thanks to Mom & Dad giving it to Jeff for his graduation present. :) We really enjoy ours and I'm so grateful we have it.

    Whether or not it is worth it, that will depend on if you guys actually use it or not. Some people go to the gym and the kids play in the daycare, but we don't have that as an option. So instead we go for family jogs and Rees enjoys them. And I use it for just normal walks around the lakes. Anyhow, I like them but they are expensive so if you only use it 4 times a year, I don't think it is worth the cost.

    Oh and p.s., running with a stroller is harder than without.

  3. I bought a nordic track and it has lasted 4 years! I've done miles and miles long distance with it and it has lasted perfectly! I bought it on ebay and did local pickup and saved about 60% of the cost too! Definitely would recommend this brand!

    Then I bought a Phil & Ted's double Sport jogging stroller and I used it once and two tires went flat and it shakes really bad when you run, it doesn't hit the bumps good at all and the baby feels everything (which can be good or not depending on your baby). Lyli liked the bumps, but Lucy...not so much. I wouldn't get one again, they suck for jogging.

    Hope this helps! And good for you for running!

  4. yeah megs... go to a yard sale. Craigslist is good for it too. Any jogger will do. I found mine and have tested on my 2 year old niece and it works great. Just find one that is in ok shape and get running


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