Update on life...


Aw good old life; what can I say? It's pretty darn good. Abigail is already 8 months old and she is quite the explorer. She loves to climb, including the stairs...which means we have to be alert 100% of the time because she is a traveler! Abigail has quite the personality; she loves to dance more then ever, bobbing that head all over the place and swinging her hands. She mimics a lot...including throwing her arms up and making sounds with her voice. She's a comical baby. Today we noticed her trying to grab her shadow :) So far if she finds something small on the ground she just picks it up and studies it, rather than putting it in her mouth...I am hoping this is a permanent thing.
As for updates on Josh and I. We have really been considering moving back to SLC; for many reasons, but mostly because he wants to go back to school and we are thinking that would be the best place. I will save all of our other reasons for another post, but as of right now there is no definite answer. We are praying, fasting, and going to the temple about it and just waiting for an answer. Both of us feel like it is probably the best thing for us, but we can't go anywhere unless he can transfer with the bank. So pretty much our answer lies on that. Never thought we'd consider moving back to Utah, but we're actually pretty excited about the idea. We'll see. More info later.

And now for photos...
Abigail has this cocked lip look a lot. I was going through my baby photos and noticed I did as well.

Gotta love the Mohawk

I took it too late, but Abigail loves being thrown in the air. Here she is with her Nanna.

We took her to the park where she loved the swing and loved to climb the bars; with help of course.

To celebrate Kevin's Eagle we went to Tucanos's...good times. By the end of the long meal Abigail was definitely ready to go home. Her face makes me laugh in this shot.

Why do I love this picture? Because it is rare for Abigail to fall asleep this way; lying against my chest...she generally wants to be rocked lying down. So I cherish these moments.

Stay tuned for a video...coming to a blog near you!


  1. Love the pictures, the mohawk is pretty great. Good luck on the SLC decision.

  2. Glad to hear things are going so well. Some day I really want to go to Tucano's, looks so good.

    Good luck with the decision, things like that are sometimes tough!

  3. Did you guys like Tucano's? I thought it was just OK, but Kristin LOVED it.

  4. Thanks for always sharing pictures. Good luck on the possible move back to Utah.
    Aunt Diane


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