Well so far Abigail is a's a choice, you have to commit.
Josh and I are pretty strict about Abigail's meals; only home made for our baby, no sugar, no salt, etc. I think the first time she will experience sugar will be her birthday, but even for that I am working on a healthy cake recipe. We just aren't big sugar consumers in this family. Anyways...we decided to let her try Turkey, Ham, Hamburger, and Eggs...all of which she has disliked. Also she is not into the veggies anymore; I think this is our fault because we give her a lot of fruit and now she is not interested in the veggies. So that will be my next goal; I'm not too stressed about it since she is still nursing 100%, but I will keep trying. Thankfully right now she is polite about it and just slowly spits it out or tries to take it out of her mouth; rather then projecting it...gross.
I know that one moment she might like some kind of meat, or vegi, and in a month it can change. We're not huge meat eaters, mainly fish and chicken, but hopefully she likes some so she can get some protein in her! We might have her try some fish in the near future. any of you have any tricks to get your baby to eat veggies?


  1. well this is not an area I will be able to assist you with. Good luck.

  2. They say to never start with fruit, always give veggies first, once they have the sweetness of fruit they don't want anything else. Unfortunately, that won't help you now! Brynn liked beans, that might be a way for her to get her protein. Also, try mixing half fruit half veggie. Have you tried sweet potatoes? Those might have enough sweetness that she'll go for it. Does she like the oatmeal or rice cereal? If so, mix those with some veggies as well. If you do the half veggie/half something else gradually increase how much of the vegetable you are putting in and decrease the other ingredient.

    Good luck! Brynn didn't start eating much solid food until she was nearly a year!

  3. Just keep giving her veggies. Everything I've read and experienced says babies may dislike and like things sporadically, or hate it the first 10 times then like it...

  4. I found this for you and hope it might be helpful. :)

    Vegetables contain so many vitamins, minerals and nutrients necessary to good health that it's important to ensure your baby is eating enough of them. Understandably, then, many parents become concerned when their little ones refuse to eat vegetables at all! When starting solids, it's a good idea to try introducing veggies before fruits - the thinking behind this is that babies will be less happy to accept vegetables after experiencing the sweetness of fruits. Despite this, though, some babies just don't seem to particularly enjoy vegetables - so here are some ideas to help incorporate these nutritious foods into his diet:

    1. Try cooking your baby's vegetables in homemade beef stock or chicken stock instead of water (avoid commercial stocks, which are too salty for use in baby food preparation). This is a popular solution that works well for many parents.

    2. Try stirring some pureed veggies into pureed fruit. It sounds awful, but actually tastes pretty good - babies have no idea which foods should "go" together, so you'll be surprised by what they enjoy!

    3. Top a dish of cooked veggies, whether pureed or cut-up, with grated cheese. A subtle difference, but one that many babies appreciate! Alternatively, serve veggie pieces with a cheese dip.

    4. Add pureed veggies to your baby's favourite soup or pasta sauce - he won't even realize he's consuming all those wonderful vitamins!

    5. For older babies, add grated squash, pumpkin or carrots to your homemade muffins.

    6. At mealtimes, offer your baby a plate of cooked vegetables to feed himself at the beginning of the meal (if he is developmentally ready for finger foods). This is when he will be most hungry... and therefore most likely to try them.

    7. If you are making mashed potatoes for your baby, use sweet potatoes instead of white ones - they are highly nutritious and a great source of beta-carotene.

    8. Don't overcook your veggies! As well as losing their texture, vegetables lose their goodness AND their colour when cooked to a mush. If you want your baby to enjoy vegetables, they need to be appetising and visually enticing, too!

    9. Set a good example by eating plenty of veggies yourself - eat them in front of your baby, with exaggerated enjoyment... and your baby might just copy you!


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