Just a bit anxious...


Yes...that is one mini baby carrot, and a small bunch of cilantro! This is our first garden experience, and Danielle and I just had to check on the stuff and see how it's going. So we pulled out this tiny little carrot, and it still tasted good, and the cilantro smelled awesome! We will now continue to wait for the right time to harvest, but we just had to see a little!
Abigail does this new thing where she just sticks her tongue out all the time; almost like she's concentrating really hard on something.

She got sick the other day and had a fever; she's very cuddly when this happens, so I kind of enjoy it; though I wish she didn't feel crappy. She just looked so pitiful and was trying so hard to fall asleep anywhere.

Kaylee was nice enough to share her crib with Abigail for a bit.
Look at Abigail's SWEET shoes! Those were mine when I was little.

And I just like my new shoes; though it's in black and white so you can't see the color; but they are mighty comfortable!

Ps...I am still working on the video collage. Have patience with me.


  1. oh how sad that day was. how funny that we still think they're cuties even when they're sick and depressing.

    as always, i love photos of my own child!!

    ps. nice house slippers :)

  2. Looks like the garden is coming along, that is awesome. We are still waiting for our tomatoes to appear.

    Abigail is looking so cute and 'mature.' I can't believe how big she is getting.

  3. Garden's are great!! Mitch and I had to transplant some of our stuff off of our porch and into the ground a few weeks ago and now most of it is exploding into life. That's awesome that you guys planted one this year. Abigail is as cute as ever. She is getting so big!

  4. yay a new post. haha i am always checking ppls blogs for new posts but yet i never post myself. anyway i like the pictures. and how fun to have a garden. trevor and i wanted one but we never did it. im kinda bummed. we're def doin one next yr. and glad to know ur still alive! ahha

  5. I LOVE that she is wearing your baby shoes...too cute. I think my sister Kristin had a pair like that too when she was little.

  6. Poor girl looks so sick in that one pic. :( I love that she's wearing your baby shoes. :) And the tongue out thing is adorable!

  7. Abigail is getting cuter and cuter as she grows. Thanks for sharing. :)

  8. Our neighbor's planted their garden about 2-3 weeks before us and I can't believe the difference (they planted right when that nice heat wave hit). All their plants are at least twice as big as ours! I'm so jealous of them!! Soon we'll all be eating fresh produce from our garden!

    Those are some cute pics of Abigail!

  9. I'm glad your garden is growing. That is a much happier experience than when you don't get any crops.
    I love the close up pic.s, they are some of my favorite kinds!


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