Life Update...


Well first off...We're MOVING!! Josh found out yesterday that he was accepted, so we'll be heading back to Salt Lake! Not for a few more months though. First of all we have to get the job situation worked out. He is hoping to transfer with the bank which generally takes a year of employment before you can. We could try to do it earlier and some how get moved and find a place and get settled to start next month, but that just feels too rushed, and we feel better about waiting until next semester. So hopefully by January he'll be able to transfer and we'll be back in Salt Lake City! We're just praying for an easy transition with work.
Josh and I never thought we would have missed SLC, but we really do, especially all of our friends; we're complete loners in Idaho. Though we will miss our family here! Other things we'll miss...normal drivers who don't run red lights; people tend to do that a lot in Utah. Also things are cheaper here so that's nice. Normal wards; I'm sure there are normal wards in Utah, unfortunately Josh and I have only been in weird ones. 1 hippie type ward where Sacrament seemed to be a time to tell funny stories rather then gospel. And a ward where Josh and I were one of the only married couples; everyone else was either divorced or widowed. Hopefully we'll get luckier this next time around.
Work is going great for Josh, he loves it which makes me happy that he is happy. And of course I am still having a blast every day with Abigail. She now makes the sounds 'ma-ma' 'da-da' 'na-na' 'ba-ba'. Baby gibberish is adorable.

Now for the things we are excited for in SLC...
-SLC Temple/Grounds
-Liberty Park; can't wait to run there with Abigail.
-La Caille
-The Mountains and all the places to visit
-Nordstroms Rack
-The Zoo and Aquarium
-Our Friends and Family (Especially Baby Williams!!)
-Noodles & Co.
-Cafe Rio
-Paradise Cafe
-Rodizio Grill
-Rumbi's Island Grill
-Happy Sumo

Marty and Megs...We'll be at your house for dinner the night we arrive ;)


  1. I hope the move is smooth for you and wish you luck!

  2. I hope you enjoy SL when you're here as much as you are thinking you will. I hope you don't miss your family too much!! You get such adorable pics of Abigail. I love the one of her crying. :) And hooray for her waves... made me laff to read about it. :)

  3. Does this mean we'll finally get to meet?? We'll be there for Christmas this year!!!!! Cafe Rio, here we come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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