Pictures from the 4th...


Just a few pictures I liked from the 4th of July...
I love Abigail's face here.

This video isn't cool in the sense of production, but A)I liked that it shows that Abigail gives High Five's now! B) I just don't feel like trying to make a cool looking video C) I have the last Harry Potter book to read so I am focusing on I wish I was a witch.
Anywho...Abigail and Kaylee handled the fireworks great; not that they jumped up for joy or anything...they pretty much just stared at them like 'What in the world is that'. But they didn't cry so that's great!
We had a yummy meaty bbq and enjoyed Squeeze-it's. Went swimming, watched fireworks, had a bon fire, made s'mores, and stayed up too late watching movies...after having babies, staying up till 2:30 in the morning just wears on you! Especially since I had to wake up at 7 in the morning to watch the Wimbledon final with Andy Roddick and Roger's my Superbowl...sadly my team lost, but it was a great game...not that any of you care.
That is all...


  1. I love the pic. of Abigail on the blanket. That's great that the babes didn't get scared by the fireworks.
    I think it's cool that you are so dedicated to get up that early and watch your SuperBowl! Sorry your pick didn't win.

  2. Ah, she is so cute, I too like that blanket picture.


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