Tiny Abigail...


Abigail had her 9 month appointment today and she has gone from tall and skinny to TINY and skinny. The doctor isn't worried about her, but he was quite surprised and measured her twice to double check. She is in the 20th percentile for weight, and in the 25th to 30th percentile for height. 2 months ago she was in the 75th percentile for height I think.

Her doctor just said she needs to be eating more, and that should get her growing more. So we are starting a new schedule today of 3 meals a day (on top of nursing as well), and we are changing her sleeping schedule. Her 10:30 - 11pm bedtime is being bumped up to 9:00...wish us luck!
So hopefully by eating more our little munchkin will grow more.

Also, we found out that Abigail has apparently had an ear infection for a couple of weeks. We're assuming it started from when she had a fever 2 weeks ago. Abigail is not a complainer when she is sick however; aside from not sleeping well; so we never knew there was a problem. Her doctor said some kids just don't seemed to be bothered with it. Which is cool that she's cool about it, but I need to know these things in order to get her better obviously. Anyways, all is well, she is on antibiotics and should be back to normal (meaning sleeping better) soon!

Au revoir!


  1. Oh, she is so cute! She'll beef up, I'm waiting on my little man to do the same thing. Since I had a C-Section, it took longer for the milk to come in, he went hungry for an extra day or two.
    Hope you guys are doing well and enjoying your summer!

  2. Rees had his first ear infection (that we know of) just recently and we wouldn't have known if his eye hadn't gotten pink eye. He slept poorly too but I didn't put it together because sometimes kids just sleep poorly. Kind of made me feel bad.

    Good luck with the increase in food and sleep. Hopefully the sleeping works. Supposedly kids that go to sleep earlier, sleep in later too. And I know it seems to be the case with Rees.

    I like your pic at the top.

  3. I wouldn't worry too much about her weight. Parker is in the 3rd percentile and the doctor's not too concerned. Some kids are just small! She sure is cute!!!

  4. I think the new header is cute! Here's to her growing!

  5. LOVE the new header... what an adorable little dress! Okay so your videos are FABULOUS!!! I loved how she just laffed and laffed when you tipped those bottles over!! And her huge smile on the swing... and oh just all of it. You make the best videos of anyone I know. Good luck with the new bedtime... I'm sure it will be fun to have some time with just you two though!

  6. I also would like to comment on the header, you always have the cutest ones!! I like the snapshot one last week. Can you believe it's already been nine months. Addie goes in for her appointment tomorrow! Was she playing peek-a-boo in that pic? You sure have a cute little family Meagan!


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