10 months and still going strong...


Oh Abigail, why do you grow? I swear you're still just a few months old!
It's hard to believe that 10 months ago I gave birth to this cute little girl. Since the day she was born she has been the most active little thing, and extremely expressive.
Abigail loves to climb anything and everything, and she loves to talk and talk. She also likes to sing; I'm assuming anyways, since when I sing or if she hears a woman on the radio singing, she starts to squeal and make adorable noises. She also enjoys waving to everyone and of course she still loves to dance and bop that head to music.
Abigail makes us laugh every day. I especially love what I am assuming are kisses from her. It's pretty much slobbering all over my face, but only she can get away with that. It makes her laugh when she does it, so she must think she is funny...which she is! I love how much Abigail laughs; she's a giggling machine! She also loves to watch the birds in the sky; every time we go on a walk her head is spinning just watching whenever one flies on by.
She's becoming more and more adventurous each day and taking risks I wish she wouldn't...such as trying to fly off of the bed. This keeps me on my toes however and I'm sure provides some exercise.
She also has 4 teeth now and 2 more on the way...soon she's going to have a whole set for heavens sake! She will now walk with us holding just one of her hands, and she gets very excited when we do this, it's so cute.
I love Abigail so much; she makes me feel giddy and excited...hmmm, it's like I'm dating her. ;) Each time I go to get her out of her crib I get to see this huge smiling face and hear those beautiful noises. It's the best feeling ever!
Her new schedule has been a wonderful delight! She takes 2, 2 hours naps a day, and sleeps from 8pm-7am! I am so happy her doctor told me to make this new schedule because it has not only allowed me to get a lot done in the evening and spend time with Josh alone, but it has made all of us happier from the wonderful sleep!
Okay this is plenty long. My baby will be ONE in just 2 months...?!?!?

Pictures from last month...


  1. I can't believe how fast she is growing!! I am so glad the new schedule is helping her and you. We love our kids, but we love when they sleep too!

  2. I hate to tell you this, but time goes faster with each baby! I am determined to make it somehow slow down with our upcoming baby. I barely remember Brynn being a baby (moving when she was 1 month old probably contributed to that). Love the pictures!

  3. sounds like a great schedule, which makes life so nice. :)

    she seems to be a happy fun baby, which makes being a mom easier i think.

    i still can't commit to who she resembles more, but whomever, it is a good combo.

  4. These pictures are awesome! And who doesn't love a crying child picture. It's so sweet to see her know just what's going on around her.

  5. You have some great shots. I love Abigail's expression on #4. The one of the three of you looks like a professional photographer took it. Your new header looks good too.
    Keep enjoying each new day.

  6. I love hearing about how she's growing and changing. And how in love with her you are. So great. :) And hooray for all the sleeping she is doing... I'm hoping you can give me great ideas when we have kids. The pic of Abigail touching Josh's chin is a fave of mine.

  7. ps great background choice.

  8. How did you brake your little girl from sleeping with you?! The only way Braylie can sleep while i'm not holding her is if she is in her swing and that doesn't always work. She hates being laid down and it needs to change!


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