I can post too... Look at what Josh did


Well here it is, a moment to mark down on your calenders, Josh is making a post. If you need to I will allow a moment for those facebook users to make their updates. Also I would like to offer a moment for those whom twitter, please feel free to tweet this momentous occasion. I thought that I should add some photos that may not ever be seen by most since this is not a democratically run blog; and rightfully so. It is blog that is run by a queen. Somebody some where may have once said in a casual conversation that a monarchy is a lost treasure that could help reestablish world peace and bring wealth and happiness to everyone. Some have said otherwise, and to those soothsayers I would ask you to depart from your wicked ways and seek out the help and guidance of trained professionals.
Yup, this is my little angel Abigail. Even while sleeping she has so much love to share that she holds both the Frog and Puppy she adores so much. If you notice the frog has it's eyes open and is in quite the predicament, since he can't move and if you does, he risks waking up Abigail. And that my friends would be a big No No. Also that would be the end to poor little Mr Frog.

Well here is some dirt on the twin cousins. I know that Meagan and her sister Danielle want all of us to think all is well on the home front. While writing a list of reasons why I love Meagan so much I stumbled upon this little doozy. If you must look away I understand it is very hard to look for some. Really can you blame them? If you were at a family event and your twin cousin rolled up with the same outfit as you, come on, forget about it. You can only push one so far.

Well I don't know what else really to say other then I love My God, My Wife, My Child, and My Country.


  1. Good to hear from you Josh, you should post more often...it was great!

  2. Hooray for Josh! Those pics were great and I laffed reading about the monarchy and such. :)

  3. Woah, hello Josh, wasn't expecting you here. :)

    Great pic choices.


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