I've been thinking a lot about Temples lately and what amazing places they all are. Not just because of the wonderful work and blessings that take place in them, and the many blessings we receive from going, but simply just the feeling you get from going to the temple; specifically going inside.
It's amazing and wonderful that the moment you walk in all of your troubles seem to disappear for the time being. Of course we know this; we hear it all the time how good you feel for going and doing work in the temple. There is always a peace when you're around the temple grounds; but then when you have done the work and you have the time to just sit and think and pray, nothing seems so bad anymore. All of your frustrations and fears are gone and you feel just pure peace, as if nothing in the world is wrong. You can be going through the hardest of times, and yet you feel like life is perfect at that moment.
I love that feeling; I hope for everyone to have that feeling one day, because I feel as though that is as close as we can get to the feeling of returning to our Heavenly Father one day; there will be no worries at that moment, just happiness.

These are my 3 favorite temples; not in any order...

Laie Temple. Someday we will get to go through this temple.

Salt Lake Temple. Where we were sealed.

Logan Temple. Where I received my Endowments.
Also, the view when you are driving in to Manti and all of the sudden there is this gigantic castle of a temple is exquisite. It's really beautiful as well. I've only been able to see it once, so when we move back to Utah we'll have to make a trip and go through.


  1. I love the temples as well. Our lesson in Relief Society was by Elder Scott from the May conference of this year that was about temples and I just truly enjoyed his comments on the temples and how we can enhance our experience at the temple. I love that there is ALWAYS something new to learn at the temple every time we go.

  2. I happen to love two of the four mentioned temples too. Manti temple because my parents, me and my brother were married there, and because it's a live session, which is unique, and the Logan because Mitch and I could look up at it from our very first apartment. I have yet to go to the Salt Lake temple, someday.By the way and a little off the topic, I really loved your wedding pictures, you are so beautiful. I've always admired your beauty, especilally your hair, it's fair to say I'm a little jealous.

  3. We recently took Rees to the temple grounds and it was so cute, when we left he said, 'Bye Jesus.' I am glad we live close to one. I am hoping to do a session Thursday and get a break from the world.


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