Baby Signing 1-2-3...


Josh and I decided to start Baby Signing with Abigail. Typically you start when your baby is around 7 months; so we're a bit late, but they say it should work anyways. I'm really excited to see how things go; she obviously hasn't signed back yet, but after just 1 week she recognizes the sign for MILK. As soon as I make the sign she stops whatever she's doing and gets right on board;). It's so much fun to watch your baby learn; babies really are smart little beings.

Also, funny note: Abigail has started laugh with people...she'll start laughing out of no where and wants you to laugh back with her. But if we're talking about something and we all laugh, she joins's pretty funny.

And this is how Abigail and I enjoyed ourselves today...who doesn't love a fort!?


  1. I love the signing thing. My friend did that with her baby years ago and she said it works really well.

  2. Baby signing is pretty popular right now and I haven't heard anyone say anything negative. I'm sure you'll like it.

  3. Our primary is learning a song in ASL and its so much easier for me to remember the words with it.

    a much cooler fort then what we could do. 1 blanket 2 sofas = k can you go under your sweet 1 blanket fort?

  4. I just finished a book called Baby Signs by Linda Acredolo and Susan Goodwyn the pics are a little outdated but the info is still good and it has some fun little songs in the back that use the signs and words over and over again, you should check it out


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