Happy 28th Birthday to my man!


Last Thursday was Josh's 28th birthday! So for the wonderful day I prepared a special romantic dinner. I tried to hang lights up around the room, but they wouldn't stay up, so I stuck with candles. Here was the menu of the evening! Each course was served separately...because that makes it special ;) Drinks: Mango Chi Chi (even better if you let them sit overnight)
Appetizer: Tomato and Roasted Red Pepper Crostini
Salad: Strawberries and Toasted Almonds on Mixed Greens with Poppy Seed Dressing
Side: Mushroom and Red Wine Risotto Main: Poulet Saute aux Herbes de ProvenceDessert: Homemade "cheesecake" with strawberries (we think it's better then Cheesecake) For Josh's gift I surprised him with Jason Mraz tickets. I gave them to him over a month ago because I couldn't wait to tell him. The concert was this past Saturday (2 days after his birthday). Josh loves Jason Mraz and this is the one concert I knew this would be the one concert he would really want to go to. Partly because Josh has been to just about every major concert growing up, I think it's no big deal anymore...but he's never been to JM and loves ALL of his music. The concert was great! It was outside which is the best to me because you get to just lay out on the grass and relax! We loved the music and especially loved when the whole crowd joined it to sing 'Three Little Birds' -Bob Marley. One of the most exciting things about this concert was that it was our FIRST ALONE DATE in about a YEAR!!! Yep it's true. Other then going to the temple that is. We have always taken Abigail with us because we just miss her so much and haven't felt like going without her. However we realized it was time; and boy was it fun!! We didn't realize how much fun we would have. One of the most fun things was blasting the music (something we don't do with Abigail in the car to protect her precious ears...we should care more about our own, I know) and dancing in the car...good times! It was a really great 'first date' and felt like we were newly weds again. We did however miss Abigail and thought about her the whole night and could not wait to see her again!
These were our M&M's that tasted like they have been there since the Idaho Center was built.
Good old Jason Mraz...very relaxing laid back music...just awesome.
Thank you to Danielle for watching Abigail and being an awesome baby sitter! And of course Kaylee for being her playmate!
Abigail and the birthday boy...not sure why some of the photos are fuzzy...blogger issue.


  1. I'm glad you guys had a great time on your first date with just the 2 of your in almost a year!

  2. LIke the blog look.

    Sounds like a good birthday. And dates are so important, especially after kids come, I think. :)

    Did Josh get our card? Did he think it was funny? Jeff was hoping to make him laugh.


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