Some good old sister time!


This is late but I still wanted to post the pictures...
A couple weeks ago Kristin was able to visit and we finally got to see her cute pregnant belly! Us sisters and cute babies went out for a Girls day and had lunch as Cottage Expressions; good times. Check out how excited Abigail and Kaylee are...they just can't contain themselves!

This is the day Kristin arrived...Abigail was staring her down and would not budge or move a muscle...which resulted in Kristin cracking up to the point of tears. Really good times.

Here she is enjoying the laundry. She loves to take everything out...thankfully she loves to put everything back in...we've got a cleaner!

Also my grandpa and Joyce came to visit us and took us all out to dinner. Thank you Grandpa! It was really great to spend some time with him.
Abigail with her Great Grandpa!

And this one pretty much cracks me up because of the major bed head Abigail has going on...pretty sweet action. I also love how vibrant her eyes are in this photo. She is wearing the same onesie I wore when I was her age.


  1. Looks like you have been busy! Hopefully Abigail keeps enjoying cleaning up as much as making messes! Send her to my house!!

  2. I like how serious Abigail looks in the pictures with Kristin. You got to be careful of that Aunt Kristin. ;)

    Cute pics. I was just realizing the twin cousins are almost 1! Wow.

  3. I love how she just stared at her aunt... HILARIOUS!! I almost laffed looking at the pic of your sister laffing! Such fun pics. :)

  4. That is so wonderful that you were able to have sister time. I am glad you are getting to spend some time with grandpa, I miss him. :)

  5. Oh my gosh!!! I cannot believe how big and beautiful she is!!! I really need to stay caught up so I'm not shocked every time I read your blog.


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