Some much needed time off...


Josh had to take his vacation time, so for the first time in a 2 years we had a whole week of no work! Originally we were going to go to Salt Lake to visit, but we decided to wait until we have to go down there to find a place to live. So instead we tried to entertain ourselves around here.
We went to the Idaho State Penitentiary which was really interesting for us; we are both into history though, so if you aren't, you might find it boring. We also enjoyed going to the art museum, as well as had picnics in the park...I LOVE picnics; I think I would enjoy having a picnic every day.
Also Kristin and Jon came to visit us! We went to Bruneau Sand Dunes, it was pretty hot and the sand kind of burned out feet, but I'm happy we went! We had a picnic and then took the climb, but sadly the sleds wouldn't' slide on the sand.
We also tried out Big Juds where they have these GIGANTIC burgers that you get your picture on the wall if you eat. None of us wanted to try to stuff ourselves like that; but props to Kristin because she did it a few years ago. And thank you to Jon for getting us a Jamba Juice like I have been craving FOREVER.
Even though we didn't travel around and do the things we originally had planned, it was still nice to just relax for a whole week as a family and not have any obligations. Josh really deserved a vacation and I'm happy he got some time off. Especially since when he starts school again he'll be doing that full time as well as working full time, so he's going to be even busier! I appreciate all of his hard work.

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  1. Glad you had good work. Time off is always a good thing!

  2. Oh, family time is always nice. Jealous you get to hang out with the siblings and see Kristin's bump. :)

  3. Oh man, I don't think I could handle the sand dunes, I bet everything was covered in sand!!

    Can't believe you went to Big Jud's, I've been dying to take my mom their, they have one of our favorite drinks - Ironport with Vanilla, yum yum! Oh man, I want to go tonight now!!

    Glad Josh had some time off. It's always nice.

  4. HOORAY FOR A WEEK OFF!!! SOOOOOOOOO great! Love that you just hung around! Way cool about the Penitentary! When are you coming down next? Will you be moving here for winter semester?

  5. P.S. Loved the slideshow!


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