Her 1st Birthday...


Abigail got to try a Strawberry for her birthday...she LOVED them!
These cupcakes were made about 10 minutes before people showed up...sadly the wicked cute ones we made the night before cracked somehow...oh well. The girls didn't mind surprisingly ;)

Have to have a silly photo
Martinellis is always needed at parties
The girls were so tired; Abigail was up 2 hours passed her bedtime. They just couldn't contain their excitement...
At first she was curious about the cupcake (Note: this was Abigail's first taste of sugar)
She finally decided to try some
And this is pretty much what she thought about it. It ended up being tossed on the floor. Which was definitely fine by us! No sugar baby:)
I love her look of excitement
I thought she would be more excited about finally being allowed to tear up paper. This is about as thrilled as she got.
Knocked out! She fell asleep the moment we put her in her car seat.
This was taken at 10:57pm...exactly one year!
Thank you everyone for sending cards and remembering her birthday. And thank you to those who were able to come; it was really nice to have family there!


  1. What a great evening! Glad we could be there, and I LOVED the cupcakes!! Hard to believe it's really been a year!!

  2. I like the clock for the cupcakes, I think that is really cute. Looks like you had a good time.

  3. Cute pictures. Glad she liked the strawberries. Remember when Ryan first had a strawberry? It was like it was a lemon. I think it is fun you guys did celebration with the Parks. Looks like a good time.


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