5 fun filled Years...


October 14, 2004 equals our first "date"...not sure we call it an official date, but we had fun nonetheless, and we have spent just about everyday together since! We were reflecting on some fun memories from when we dated; here are just a few...

    This is our first picture taken together. We look pretty tired and out of it; but I still like it. We were at the top of American Towers. Also I have brown hair which I will forever love, but probably not do again due to the fact it's a pain to go back to blond; which I love more.

  • Grocery Shopping in the Ave's. We would take our back packs and just load up; we were green before it was cool ;). One evening we bought way too many groceries; heavy groceries that is. We couldn't fit them all in our back packs so we packed as much as we absolutely could and then carried the rest in bags. I was so tired after just a couple of blocks; my arms ached. Poor Josh took most of the load for me as we went the rest of the way. I'd say we looked like homeless people, but really I'm sure we just looked like poor college student. Josh and I LOVED walking EVERYWHERE in SLC; it's really easy to get around. Something we're excited about for when we move back.

  • Rollerblading and biffing it. Josh LOVES rollerblading, and SLC is a great place for that with all the hills; but rollerblading down steep hills is pretty different when you weigh 120 lbs vs 60 from when you were little. Needless to say I would always freak out from feeling like I couldn't stop and envisioning my face being scraped off from the asphalt. One day we were heading down D street to North Temple; right by the business college. I was pretty nervous because we were going so fast and I couldn't break. So I grabbed on to Josh (mean I know, but I was scared) and unfortunately my blade went right in front of his, taking him down. I fell down pretty hard on my butt, and then flipping over somehow, hitting my face on the asphalt! Immediately I grabbed my mouth, pretty positive I had just busted my teeth. Thankfully this wasn't so...my teeth breaking is a huge fear of mine. But I did have back pain for the next couple of months. Josh left the accident unharmed, but he had a girlfriend who was kind of mad at him for making her go rollerblading when she specifically said she didn't want to that day. Luckily for him he was just too sweet to stay mad at for more then 10 minutes. Oh, and I have a little scar under my bottom lip. I actually kind of like scars; they tell stories! I'm sure I wouldn't like one if it covered my whole face though. (I just went through pictures and found one of my busted up lip from the fall, it make me laugh)

  • New Years Eve 2004. My family came down to SLC to celebrate the New Year. We all went to the Gallavin Plaza and when it came time to count down, Josh and I "disappeared" so we could have the oh so popular "New Years Kiss"...why did we go away? Because although I knew there was nothing wrong with that little kiss, there was still no way I was doing so in front of my parents. We knew it was obvious to my parents as to where we had gone; I had just hoped they were grateful for me being so private ;)

  • You pay, I'll play.One of Josh's favorite memories is the fact that after coming home from just about every date I went on, I called him up and we would hang out afterwards. He says he's a genius because all the other guys paid for dinner, while he got to hang out with me. After a while of this I realized that clearly I must really like this guy since I wanted to be with him all the time. And I was so bored on the other dates, just thinking about how I couldn't wait to call Josh afterwards. Note: He actually kept a list of all the guys he "Beat Out"...boy thing. He's pretty proud.

  • A Texas Wedding. Really there are many stories with this, but we'll just cut to our favorite part. After the festivities Josh and I woke up the next morning (separate rooms yes) to see that everyone we knew had apparently checked out of the hotel. "Alright, no big deal, I'm sure our ride is here". So we looked around for our ride. "Awesome, he left, really cool". So... we're left in a hotel that's pretty out there and no car, and our flight didn't leave till the next day. Naturally we were pretty upset. So we took the hotel shuttle to the airport, got a rental car and drove around for a whole day not really knowing where we were going. We actually had an okay time, but we were pretty broke so we couldn't do a whole lot. We ended up sleeping in the car that night in a hotel parking lot. Texas Summer=hot and humid; something I generally love, but not when you're in the back of a car crammed and trying to sleep. Pretty uncomfortable night, and it was even more of a bummer waking up the next morning wanting a shower, and needing a bathroom, and having no where to go, and no money. We had to check the car back in to the airport that afternoon even though our flight wasn't for hours later...our ride would have dropped us off at a normal time if he hadn't decided to wig out and ditch us. Fun story now, and I'm sure we grew as a couple from it, right? Oh and how I just wish I could share the whole story with you.
Well these are just a few of our good memories; there have been many and it definitely doesn't feel like it's been 5 years.


  1. May you have many more years from wonderful memories together.

  2. so fun! What is this Texas wedding all about?

  3. HAHA! I had fun reading these, it's gone so fast huh? But it's funny how you can still be so in love after all that time!


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