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Well we really haven't had much going on. Josh and I both got the flu so we were stuck inside for awhile and now the weather is freezing, so I feel bad for Abigail having to be inside so much lately...we really got jipped on Autumn this year. Thankfully Abigail was able to avoid getting sick from us so hallelujah.
As I said there isn't much to report. Except Abigail now signs 'Milk', 'More', and 'Eat', as well as recognizes 'Sit', 'Light', 'Nap', and 'Change', so that's cool! Oh and she LOVES shoes. She wants to wear them at all times and is constantly bringing her shoes to us to put them on.
Last night the power went off for 8 hours. This wouldn't bother me so much if it was just Josh and myself but now with Abigail I of course worry that her food or milk will go bad in the fridge, and that she will freeze since the heat isn't on. So much more to stress about once a babe comes into play. All is well though. However I hate the dark. My name is Meagan, I'm 24, and yes, I am afraid of the dark. My mind races with all the scary movies flashing through my head, imagining that some man will jump out and attack me, or that an evil spider will be crawling across the floor and I won't be able to spot it. gross.

Here is a picture of us having our FHE in the dark; thankfully we had our camping light near by.


  1. It may have been dark but it looked like you guys had a good time :)

  2. sounds like you guys had a harrowing night and right before All Hallows Eve too how exciting! As for the scrapblog question if you export your pages as jpeg files to your desktop you can print them off or import them as a picture into your blog etc. just like a normal pic. Just go under "file" on the scrap builder page and click on the "export as Jpeg". Have fun!

  3. ah, it could have been such a cool hide and go seek opportunity if there had been more of you. :)

    Glad all was well and that you guys are feeling better. I think I'm getting a flu shot pretty soon myself so hopefully I'll be able to avoid anything nasty.

  4. I'm afraid of the dark too. :) Fun FHE photo!


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