Awaiting 2 babies...


Well actually we are awaiting 3 babies, but 2 are supposed to be arriving soon! My sister in law will be having her baby on Monday, unless the little one decides to come on her own; which she should!!;) And my little sister will be having her first in December; which could come now and still be healthy:). And my older sister will be having her second, but not until March, so we have to be patient.
Anyways, I was just thinking about how much I love the feeling and anticipation of a baby coming. A sweet, adorable, innocent, little baby. I think it's quite possibly one of the best and most exciting feelings ever. It's just pure happiness and joy, and what's better then that!!?? I'm just pretty excited to be meeting my new niece in a couple of days, and my new niece or nephew (I think nephew) in a few weeks! And to my niece or nephew arriving in March; I really hope I get to meet you while you are still a baby!!


  1. Thanks for being so excited! I'm glad you're looking forward to it too. We can hardly wait.
    One will be here TOMORROW and the other is only a few weeks away! Not far at all. :D

  2. I have an idea, why doesn't Kristin have her baby tomorrow and I'll wait a few more weeks (as long as I can not be sick those few weeks!). Just kidding, but I am just still not quite believing that we're having a baby TOMORROW!! I dont' think I'll get any sleep tonight, I'm too anxious. Can somebody slip a sleeping pill into my dinner?! Heaven knows I need to get all the sleep I can before tomorrow. I never sleep the night I have a baby, those hospital beds, crying baby, etc.!!

  3. It is exciting. I love getting the phone call and hearing everything is fine, the official name and just knowing that our family has been blessed with one more great person. Our family is being blessed.

  4. Wow your family is growing fast! Congratulations everyone.

  5. That is so fun! I guess you're next in line...!


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