Believe it or not...


I'm walking on air...
Anyways, that song was in my head. Now on to what I was really writing about.
So good times... I went to the orthodontist today because I haven't been able to wear my retainer for a few years, so I FINALLY got in there to see what we can do...
I walked out with BrAcEs! Josh has already called me "metal face", joking of course, considering you can't even see them really. They put them on the back top teeth to help bring one tooth out a bit that is quite stubborn. He said it was free of charge, so I said let's do it!! It's been driving me crazy having this one tooth that isn't in line with the rest; I have learned my lesson and will never risk not wearing my retainer at night again.
I have not missed the aching of the jaw from braces, or the stabbing of the inside of my mouth from the wires. But it will all be worth it once it's over, especially since they'll finish their job before we move to Salt Lake, so it's all good. It's just been 11 years since having these things stuck on my teeth so it'll definitely take some getting used to.
Call me Brace Face:)
I would show a picture but each one we take they don't show up too well since they are in the back, and clear...too bad, they really are just gorgeous you know.


  1. LOL I can't believe you have braces on!!! Did they give you the wax to put on them so it doesn't cut up you cheek? Thats nice that you only have to wear them a couple of months. I had clear braces, I loved them because they weren't as noticable. But I also hated them because the stained so easy.

  2. Sorry you had to get them put back on. My othro put a permenant retainer on my teeth when he took them off cause he told me they would move if i didn't wear them. Now I'm glad : ) Happy to hear you won't have to wear them too long.

  3. It's all good :)
    I was actually kind of happy and excited about it. Although I would prefer not to have braces again, I am really excited about getting it fixed. And it was either that, or wear a retainer constantly for awhile which would stink.

    I have permanent retainers on both top and bottom, but they don't go all the way to the back. So that's why I need to make sure I wear my other retainers once a week at night. So shame on me for not doing so!!

  4. That is good that they are on the back and clear! You aren't really brace face!

  5. No way! That's crazy; yet awesome how they did it on the back... and for free! I hope it's not for long. And I still want a pic. :)

  6. Jeff said he didn't even think you need them. :)


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