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I hope I have not offended anyone by my last post about Twilight. I'm not saying I "Hate" the book...considering I have not read it, I can't answer that. I have no interest in reading them simply because I am not into vampires, and I'll admit that all the obsession does turn me away. However I am a Harry Potter fan and there is definitely an obsession about those books. But I don't dress up like a witch when I see the movie. I do have spells memorized though so WATCH OUT! ;)
Anyways, my post was purely referencing the fact that I'm amazed this woman went from your everyday stay at home mom, to a "gazillionair", as Oprah put it, in just 2 years. Which is an amazing accomplishment considering it is not easy to get a book published for one, and to be that big of a hit is another huge accomplishment.
The only negative thing I have to really say about the book is not really directed to the book, but rather the fan of the book...mainly the female fan. There are married women out there who are fantasizing about this Edward character; I just think some people are going a little too far in their obsession. I do not blame Stephanie Meyer for that.
I do however appreciate that she seems to be a good LDS woman who has been open about being "straight laced" and sticking to her morals. This is a rare find these days when it comes to the "famous".
So in closure, I'm still very serious that I clearly need to do my homework and figure out how to write a book that appeals to women. And what better woman, then the Lds woman because RS women stick together. Josh made a good point telling me that I need to write something that appeals to children first, then the children will get their parents into it, and so on...so we'll see. Maybe I can be the next Jk Rowling's huh?!


  1. I read all the books and I loved them, they are a fun easy read. I have heard some women say it made them dislike thier husband after they read about Edward, but I just felt more in love with mine. I watched the interview too, there is one question I wish they would of asked. "What is your husband like?" I have always wondered if he is more like Jacob or Edward.

  2. If you do become the next JK Rowling, can I get an autographed copy of your book? :)

  3. Everyone is entitled to their opinion on whatever. It is what helps make the world go round. :) I am not a Harry Potter fan; I read the first three books and just could not find a liking for them. I have read all these vampire books and they are a very easy read. No I do not have an obsession with them but they were entertaining.(I read the first one to determine whether I wanted my child to be able to read them because they are in the school library.) I will be going to New Moon this weekend with four teenage girls who just so happen to have read the books and love them, but we do not have an extreme obsession like I have seen some people acquire with these. We simply like the entertainment. If you are interested in a new read try "Hunger Games" and "Catching Fire" by Suzanne Collins. I think they are decent and you might like them. Let me know what you think if you do decide to read them and they are not about vampires. :) Oh and you go girl...write a book. I will read it!

  4. You should write a book. I'm fantazied about writing children's book for a long time (i even have one semi-written) but I've never done anything with it. You should!


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