Manna From Heaven


I have eaten a many great meals in my life, I have had eaten at some fantastic restaurants, and I have had my share of many different and tasteful foods from around the world.

On the 27Th of November 2009 I sat down to the greatest meal I have ever had in my entire life. This day which I thought would be just like any other day change my perception of turkey dinners for ever. I sat down to what I thought would be yet another wonderful dinner from my wife, my eternal companion, my ticket to heaven.

The table was set and ready for what was thought to be just any other thanksgiving meal. This year however it wasn't to be just any other thanksgiving meal. On that day and on that table the stars were aligned in such a way that nothing could disrupt the gods from blessing our meal.

Simply perfect everything was simply perfect I could not have asked for anything more.

Having had this meal I know that Meagan is simply just an angel that has fallen down to earth.


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