Dang you Winter...


My wonderful trip to Salt Lake has been canceled due to the wretched winter storm coming in. I am not a fan of Winter, never have been, but now I am even more frustrated with it because I was very much looking forward to this short trip. Oh well. There is something good coming out of it... one, I am saving a bit of gas money, and two, I don't have to cry as I leave Abigail. At least I get to see Koen in a few weeks when they come here. Plus we are going as a family to Salt Lake in February for the baby blessing and shower.
So...I'm ready for Spring!! Who's with me?


  1. We're bummed about you no longer being able to come this weekend! Even Koen has been devastated today. I'm sure time will fly between now and when we'll be there for the blessing and baptism. At least you and the family can have a nice weekend together.

  2. You know, we get colder weather out here, but we don't really have snow storms, well I should say, we haven't had any major storms while we have lived out here.

    I don't love winter, however, I'm looking forward to waking up to some beautiful snow one of these days. I love seeing a 'winter wonderland.'

  3. I didn't know a storm was coming, I love storms! I am enjoying Winter and don't want it to end until Feb.

  4. I will wish for spring as soon as Christmas is over. I like the snow at Christmas. BUT I HATE, HATE, HATE driving in it!!

  5. Me too, as soon as Christmas is over, I will be ready for SPRING.... NO SUMMER!!! I would move to Arizona if my husband would let me!!! I really do dislake Idaho, but what am I gonna do???


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