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Thanksgiving was great; it was just the three of us and we spent the day relaxing, visiting our new niece Autumn, football of course was a must see, and stuffing our faces at dinner. As you could probably tell in Josh's post below he loved dinner with all of his being. I have to say I was pretty excited about it myself; it was my first time cooking the turkey and I couldn't believe how moist and flavorful that 18lb bird was! All of the food was really delicious and what was especially great about it was that we had no stress while cooking; it was just a relaxing event.
Abigail also enjoy eating her first Thanksgiving meal; last year she got delicious milk of course. I think God knows that Josh and I are grossed out to see food all over kids faces, because Abigail has not been one of those kids thankfully. She is more interested in just eating her food rather then playing with it, and doesn't create much of a mess. I hope it stays that way.

We also put up the tree and decorations which is really early for me. I generally don't get into Christmas until a couple weeks before hand, but maybe Abigail is bringing it out early in me. Although Transiberian Orchestra is fabulous all year.

And tomorrow I leave for Salt Lake. Excited and nervous. Excited because I get to meet and hold my cute new nephew, Koen, and it will be great to see family and friends. Nervous because I am pretty sure I'll be emotional about leaving Abigail. This will be the longest I have been away from Josh since being married, and will be the first time ever leaving Abigail for more then a couple of hours. Needless to say I will have to blast punk rock music or something to keep me from getting emotional. At least I know she'll be safe with Josh and it will be good daddy-daughter time. But I will be bummed when I don't get to give her a kiss goodnight.

All is well in the Bigger neighborhood, can't complain. Just excited for future happenings. Something tells me that last sentence will make girls think one thing...and the answer is, No, I am not pregnant ;)


  1. I was thinking you were excited about your move to Salt Lake. :)

  2. Glad to hear things are going well and have fun in Salt Lake!

  3. I thought you were refering to the move as well. Have a safe trip! The first time I left Silas was hard but once I relaxed I thought "wow life is so easy just taking care of myself". It felt like a nice break that I didn't know I needed.

  4. Drive safe and take good pics for the invitations. :)


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