Winter-Christmas stuff...


Last week it decided to snow non stop for a couple of days, so Abigail and I ventured out. This was her first time being out in the snow, and she seemed to like it. We didn't throw it around or anything but I think she liked the fact that it was something new she had never seen or walked around in. We took quite a few pictures of which I will post later, but this one made me laugh...her facial expression is funny.
And here we have the fireplace with our much needed 'Red Sox' stockings.

This is an 'advent calender' my mom gave each of us. There are messages inside each mitten and sock.

I love this picture. It shows us why there are now only ornaments on part of the tree...though I swear Abigail is getting taller by the minute because she keeps getting more and more! Thankfully, Abigail is very gentle with these, in fact she takes them off so she can bring them to me. So since she thinks she's being helpful and sweet, it makes me happy.
This photo has a wonderful story...for me that is. I was walking out to take a picture of a tree that looked cool, and as I went towards it a huge bird flew out of the tree behind it. I thought it was a hawk since they are all over the place here, but then I realized it was an OWL! I realize this is not exciting for many of my friends back east who see owls constantly (Josh said it was not uncommon to see them around his home), but for me it took my breath away. I have only seen them in the zoo, so I thought it was a beautiful site. I managed to get this one photo quickly, and I keep going out to try to find my new owl friend to get a better shot. I was just happy to be so close, though this photo doesn't show that.
'Hoot' the owl.
The tree I liked.

And I just liked how the branch was covered in snow.


  1. I love that photo of the tree! Yes, all our ornaments are high up on the tree. There was a year or two there between Jenna and James that we had them down low (and even had the nativity set down low) but those days are gone for a few more years...

  2. You have some pretty cool pictures there. I love them.

  3. Loved these pictures. Like the advent calendar. Ours is just of christmas socks but I like the idea of mittens mixed in as well. I bet you cannot wait to experience Christmas with Abigail this year. She will have so much fun ripping into her presents. K's first Christmas I got the idea to decorate the tree with fabric ornaments and candy canes...not sure what I was thinking because we would always catch him hiding and sneaking a candy cane so after the first week of decorating the candy canes they were only at the very top. :)

  4. I too, like the snow covered tree. I also like how you hung the mittens and socks.

  5. Oh my gosh that tree is BEAUTIFUL. You could see that picture!! And I've never seen an owl either... Awesome!!! Love the advent calendar! Also, I love the pic of Abigail touching the tree... it's a true picture of Christmas!

  6. I love the snow covered tree. And I really like your advent calendar, I haven't seen one like that, but I really like it.

  7. rees would have loved the owl, he is really into owls lately. and good pics, that tree is pretty perfect.

    it looks like you have the house pretty well decorated. nice job.

  8. Our Christmas tree is the same way. Only the top half has ornaments.


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