Crossing paths...


Josh and I figured out recently that we were both in Las Vegas the summer of 2001; three years before we met. He was there for his mission waiting for his Visa to arrive for Peru, and I was there for a tennis tournament. Crazy small world. I'm pretty sure I didn't see any missionaries the few days I was there, but I suppose there is a chance. We all know what this means...we were definitely meant for each other.... awwww, so precious ;) Really though, it is kind of crazy.


  1. This is funny because the same thing happened with us. When I was in Seattle for a ball tourney, Jeremy was there also and believe it or not we swear we saw each other at Pikes Market. long story but a good one

  2. Todd used to DJ the church dances and I used to attend them, but we never ran into each other. We attended a couple of the same music concerts as well. Timing I say is everything.

  3. Ethan served his Mini mission (back when they use to do those) in Okemos MI where I was going to high school. We never saw eachother but I am sure he came to my ward. I agree with windblown timing is everything

  4. Justin and I were both in Birmingham, AL in May/June 2004! He was there at that time during his mission and I went to see a friend graduate from High School. We've always thought that was pretty cool! And we figured that days apart, we had both been at the same P.F. Chang's! He was just walking through that area, but I actually got to eat there. ;)
    I never saw missionaries my trip either.

  5. Brad was working for his uncle in AZ one his waterpark literally next door to the iceskating rink where I frequently took my sister to skating lessons...Crazy times!


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