New friends...


My sister and her family came from Minnesota last week and hadn't seen Abigail since she was just a couple months old. Abigail LOVED them! We wish we lived near them because she would eat anything from her uncle Jeff and just relaxed in his lap forever. Here they are talking to each other...
She also loved Allison, and her cousin Rees. Even though Rees is a couple years older then her, he was really sweet to her and they seemed to get along really well. And she loves to continually tell Allison 'Hi' in her cute high voice.
Rees is a funny kid...pretty huge in the baby swing.

Abigail basically put herself to bed the other day. She came up to us and signed that she was ready to go, and so Josh and I figured we might as well test it out and see if she really was interested in bed. Sure enough, we put her down and she rolled right on to her side and went to sleep. It was awesome! It's pretty sweet having your child tell you they are ready to go to sleep!
It snowed a lot on New Years Eve, I tried to enjoy it for a moment.


  1. Cousins can be so fun. I have lots of good memories with some of mine, as well as with Uncles and Aunts. Glad Abigail had time with her long distant uncle, aunt, and cousin.

  2. Emma loves to sit in Jeff's lap too, which is saying a lot for her. He must have the magic touch. It was good to see pics of Rees and I'm so glad the cousins got along well.

  3. I am glad you were able to spend some time with your sis, I think it is so fun to see Si with his cousins.
    I was so sad that the snow melted so fast on New Years, I wanted to have more time to play in it.

  4. Abigail was pretty chill with everyone. She was pretty laid back even when Rees was trying to force her to play with him. It was cute seeing her and Jeff and also how excited Rees was to go see Abigail.

  5. Cute jumping pic! How fun that Abigail loves everyone!!


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